"It's date night, again. What do you want to do?"


"I don't know. Do you have any ideas?"


"No! Do you?"


Me either. Let's just watch Netflix ..."

- Every couple, every week!

Video Games


That was us!

Hey there, Jamie and Anna here! Happily married couple of 5 years (Almost). Yet, each week we'd aim to have a 'date night' but 99% of the time would end up watching a movie or Netflix. 

We just couldn't be bothered trying to think of new date night ideas. We wanted to, but the business of life always seemed to squash our good intentions. Don't get us wrong, we are no relationship experts (From from it!). But we do know the importance of investing in a relationship. And a weekly date night was something we tried and tried to do. We need 'us' time. Do you?

We thought 'What if someone sent us a weekly date night idea?'


We searched and searched and searched, but couldn't find anything that wasn't difficult, expensive, didn't require leaving the house and was actually doable in the real world!

So we thought, why don't we be that 'someone?' Why don't we think of our own ideas (Or challenges)! 

Then we thought! Surely there are other couples who have the same struggle and would enjoy this!

This is were Spark 52 was born! 



Weekly date night challenges to keep the spark alive and well!


A group of like-minded, intentional couples supporting each other!


Community-generated date night ideas, rating and feedback!

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